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​​​​Industry 4.0 | Procurement 4.0 | Business 4.0


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Digital Transformation for all industries and functions.


​​Industry 4.0 & IoT
Digital Transformation

Machine Digital Twinning

Bespoke Hardware and Sensor Design

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

PLC, SCADA and Sensor Datalogging

Production Optimization & OEE System

Predictive Maintenance System 

Machine Vibration and Conditioning Monitoring

Digital Andon System

Cloud-based Kaizen Management System

Process Development Execution System (PDES)


Procurement & Supply Chain
Digital Transformation

​E-Procurement System

E-Auction / E-Bidding System
(Forward and Reverse Auctions)

Procure-to-Pay System

Vendor Management System

Supplier Management System



ESG Management for Vendors

Supplier Performance Evaluation System

Supply Chain Consulting

Contract Management System


Business Processes
Digital Transformation

Bespoke Software and Hardware Development

(Business Analytics and Intelligence)

Low-code, No-code, AI-ML, Web 3.0 Business Applications

Micro Business Applications

End-to-End Product Designing, Prototyping and Manufacturing Services

Customer Experience Management (CXM, CRM Systems)

Growth Marketing Consulting

ERP, CRM / CXM, MIS, HRM, BPM, Marketing Automation Consulting

White-label OEM/ODM Products